Scrapping a car

Tikkurilan Romu is a member of Suomen Autokierrätys and thus the official collection point for scrap cars.

When your vehicle’s mileage starts to fill up, you can bring us your car for recycling. We will prepare an official scrapping certificate for you and the vehicle will be permanently removed from Trafi's register, at the same time as the owner's liability for vehicle tax and insurance will end. We treat the car as environmentally friendly by removing oils, fuels and the battery. The car will then be delivered to crushing plant.

At the moment, we accept cars for scrapping only at Vannekuja.

Tikkurilan Romu Oy Scrapping a car

Power of attorney

For scrapping the car, you need an identity card and, if you are not a registered owner, also a letter of attorney from the car owner. You can download the ready-made template here: